Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi – Annete Alvarez

The Kasubi tombs are located in Uganda. The tombs hold the values of belief, spirituality, continuity, and identity. The main tomb also known as “Muzibu-Azaala-Mpanga” has been up since the 13th century and the last tomb that was ever built at the site was built in 1882. This site is an important cultural symbol for Uganda and Africa. The tombs are surrounded by traditional cloth tree’s. The cloth trees help prevent any housing construction to happen on or around the tombs. The tombs biggest threat is fire, due to the materials the tombs were made of. Because fire was big threat, it’s constantly being securely guarded and protected.

Grand Canyon National Park – Annete Alvarez

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. The grand canyon formed in 6 millions years and still continues to form with the help of the Colorado river. It goes as far as 276.5 miles and is 1.5 kilometers deep. It is one of the worlds most visually powerful landscapes. The grand canyon includes views of waterfalls, lava flows, deserts and plains. There are caves inside the Grand Canyon that contain fossils and animal remains. North America’s seven life zones are all shown within the walls of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon also contains rare and endangered plants and animals. Around 5 million people visit the canyon every year.

Super Bowl Commercial – Annete Alvarez

The purpose of the video was to convince people to switch to T-Mobile by advertising one of their phone plans and star a famous singer and famous athletes in their commercial to get more people’s attention. I think that their ideas and hard work that went into the commercial paid off very well because it grabbed different audiences attentions such as fans of Justin Bieber, fans watching the superbowl, and people who are looking into purchasing a new phone.

The message of this video is to spread positivity and make people feel welcome no matter who they are and also to advertise their company all in one. I think the commercial was very effective because it’s a very diverse commercial and it relates to the problems the world has going on right now and i feel as though it reminds people that everyone is different but also that it’s okay to be different. I also think the commercial was great because instead of the company focusing just on their business and advertising themselves, they used a big problem we face in America and used the power they had to put a word out in the public about being more accepting.

The purpose of this commercial was to advertise Mr Clean cleaning products by mocking a well known new movie named Fifty shades darker. It showed both sides because in the entire commercial was Mr Clean was cleaning with his own products but the woman was attracted to him the entire time. i think this commercial caught many people’s attention because it was humorous and that’s what draws people into wanting to pay attention to the commercial. 1

Play Doh Creation – Annete

I created a mini beach that included a palm tree, sand, and the sun with the Play Doh. The palm tree represents the beach which is one of my favorite places to be at because it makes me feel like a wave of relaxation and happiness took over when I’m there.  It is also important to me because m family and I take vacations to  places such as Florida and it reminds of the memories that took  place. My classmate Emily created a racquet for badminton and  i thought it was creative and unique and also interesting because it represents her and the sport she plays very well. This activity relates to English because it really makes you think about what’s important to you and it gives you inspiration to write about something you’re really into and something you have a passion for rather than just writing about something that doesn’t matter to you and something you randomly put together to get a grade for instead of putting your 100% into the assignment. 

Word cloud

I chose a Whale as my image because Whale’s are one of my favorite sea animals.  I chose these words to describe me because i feel as though these words describe me as a person very well. i picked out all of my favorite things about myself and also thought about what my close friends would describe me as.

Health and Medicine

For the Health and Medicine presentation, I would be interested in seeing a Surgeon, an athletic trainer, an ultrasound technician and a police officer. I would ask them what their every day work life was like, what schooling did they  have to go through, what inspired them to follow through with that career, what their favorite part of their job is, and what is the most interesting thing they have seen or experienced while on the job. It would be interesting to see and hear all the different types of experiences people go through for every different career. I’m most interested in the Ultrasound Technician because I’ve been interested in that career for awhile now.


During the thanksgiving holidays, my family usually meets up at my house for thanksgiving and we watch movies and my aunts and my mom make stuff like turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and my mom also buys tamales. After everyone eats, we usually sit at the table and talk for awhile, and then we decide if we’re going to go out for black Friday and where we are going to go. Then we all get ready to go out shopping for the night if we do decide to go. The day after thanksgiving, we eat left overs if there are any and we take the day to relax. Sometimes, my family and i go out and get our Christmas tree during thanksgiving break  if we get the chance so we’re all prepared and ready for December. Something i look forward to during the holidays is the food that my family makes and being able to spend time with everyone and enjoy it without having to stress out about school or anything.

Halloween writing prompt

The best horror films for Halloween are The conjuring, Lights out, As above so below, Devil, and Insidious 3. I think they’re the best horror films for Halloween because they’re all scary enough to make you paranoid but not to the point where you can not sleep at night. The conjuring is about a family who moved into a new house, but they didn’t know it was haunted until the spirits started messing with the clocks in the house, left a smell lingering around, and started messing with them. Later on, The mother of the family got possessed. Lights out is basically about what happens when you turn a light off around you and what spirits do. As above so below was about a girl who continues her dead fathers career. She has a key for a riddle that needs to be solved in a tunnel under Paris. She gathered a group of people to go with her and help and while solving all the riddles they start messing with dangerous spirits and the spirits were bothered and tried hurting them all while they were under the tunnel. Devil is about people who got trapped in an elevator and got possessed while stuck in the elevator.